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caff3ine_junkie's Journal

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This is starsniper's selling Journal :-) Feel free to browse here for stuff she has on sale and see if you'd like to help out a poor broke high schooler saving up for Otakon and trying to get by.


1. Buyer sends the money first. I will email you when I get the payment and ship it off that day or the next day.

2. Prices are negotiable. If you think the price is too high, please offer how much you want to pay and we'll talk.

I accept Money Order and Concealed Cash (AYOR) only. Sorry, I've run into a couple of problems regarding Paypal so I'm not going to accept that for the time being. I need to pay off a bill to my mom for Otakon, when that's over and done with, I'll accept Paypal again :-)

4. I accept trades as well. Just give me an offer or a link to what you're selling and we'll talk. And to make it fair, if we do agree on a trade, we'll send them out the same day if we can agree on one.

5. Shipping will vary on some objects. For the most part I will be using first class mail to send a lot of these so the most you might have to pay is $3 on a lot of things.

6. For larger objects (i.e jeans, jackets, etc but I don't have too much of those) I will probably be using priority mail, and the rate last time I checked was $7.70 so please be aware of that.

7. I WILL NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY I've had some problems with shipping to other countries, both in trades and it's rather irked me with the high shipping price I paid for both only to not have them reach their recipiants. Where the packages went, I will never know. I WILL however, ship to CANADA, as I've had no problems there, but anywhere else is a no go, so sorry.

8. Deadbeats stay away! Once we exchange addresses I expect to get the payment within 1-2 weeks. If it's not received then the item goes up for sale unless you warn me of a delay.

Other than that, I think we're fine. Any questions? Feel free to email me seiya_starsniper@hotmail.com or leave a comment in my journal. Oh yeah, please leave feedback telling me if I'm a good seller or not. I love any type of feedback good or bad :-D