Haven't been here in a while. Rules have changed a bit, and I haven't used this thing since I was in high school.

1. Buyer pays first. After I get the money, I'll you the product. Delivery Confirmation is courtesy of me :) I like to know that you got the product as much as you do and I've run into some trouble with that in the past. So to be fair, anyone who buys from me gets a tracking number at no extra cost to them.

2. I accept Paypal, Money Order, Checks and Concealed Cash (AYOR). With checks, I'm going to wait until they clear before I send the item, just to be safe. So your best bet of getting stuff quicker is through any of the other three methods.

4. I am currently NOT accepting trades, unless I start them myself. I'm a broke student, I need the money. However, I am willing to take gift card trades. Just show me what you've got.

5. Shipping will vary on some objects. For the most part I will be using first class mail to send a lot of these so the most you might have to pay is $3 on a lot of things, even less if its a book or DVD and I ship it media mail.

6. For larger objects (i.e jeans, jackets, etc but I don't have too much of those) I will probably be using priority mail, but I can make exceptions. Though Priority seems like the cheapest and fastest option to me.

7. I WILL NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY I've had some problems with shipping to other countries, both in trades and sales and it's rather irked me with the high shipping price I paid for both only to not have them reach their recipients. Where the packages went, I will never know.

8. If you want to hold off paying, I'll give you a week to get back to me. Two weeks if you're making a medium-large size purchase. Naturally I'll allow for delays when mailing checks/money orders/cash. Just let me know the day you send it, and I'll start counting. Otherwise, once a week has passed, the item goes back up on sale.

9. First come, first serve unless you have PayPal. Then the one who can pay me electronically gets the sale. Again, I'm broke, I need money fast lol.

10. 15 day return policy from the day you receive it. Since I'm providing tracking, I'll know when you get it.

Other than that, I think we're fine. Any questions? Feel free to email me or leave a comment in my journal. Oh yeah, please leave feedback telling me if I'm a good seller or not. If I'm not satisfactory to you, tell me and I'll do my best to fix it.